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Computer Vision

Quickly create an application based on visual AI without recruiting a team of experts

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the best state of the art Computer Vision algorithms



and chain the algorithms with an ultra-simple workflow system



your solution anywhere, on any machine

Developers, data scientists

  • Save time on the entire design chain of your solution thanks to the Python Ikomia API.
  • Quickly find the best algorithms that match your needs with Ikomia HUB.
  • Build your solution from A to Z with our drag & drop tool Ikomia STUDIO: no need to be a Computer Vision expert.

Entrepreneurs, managers​

You have an idea for an application using your images or videos but don’t have all the technical skills in-house?

It’s time for your team to use our no-code AI solution accessible to beginners. Or consult us to accompany you


What's your goal ?​

Generate added value​

Many innovations thanks to visual AI. Technicality is no longer an obstacle: imagine multiple applications and address new markets in a few weeks

Whether it’s a mobile, web or IoT application, AI can be deployed wherever you want!

Save time​

Visual AI helps automate repetitive and time-consuming tasks for better productivity..

Thanks to AI, help your employees go faster and be more precise while relieving them of the most tedious tasks.

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Want to know what AI can do for you?