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Cloud or on-premise server

The platform is natively composed by Ikomia Desktop and Ikomia Server. In a single click, publish your work or install algorithms from the community. You can also deploy an Ikomia Server on-premise if you need more confidentiality. Algorithms in Ikomia are all ready to use.

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Ikomia Desktop offers natively most of the OpenCV algorithms. It includes a ready to use and comprehensive set of both classic and state-of-the-art computer vision and machine learning algorithms, in a powerful and user-friendly environment.

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Code integration

Ikomia Desktop offers a built-in system to simply integrate external algorithms implemented in C++ or Python. In few simple steps, your method is added to the software process library and directly available for use.

Screenshot : Analysis workflow - Ikomia

Analysis workflow

Ikomia Desktop provides a built-in module to create custom analysis workflows. An effective UI helps you design complex process through a graph-based workflow, without code.

Screenshot : Input data - Ikomia

Input data

Ikomia Desktop manages a large range of image types:
- 2D images in standard formats
- 3D volume (DICOM especially)
- videos and time series
- camera streams (webcam, IP camera)

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