Our vision

Ikomia is a young French company dedicated to Computer Vision (CV) and Deep Learning (DL).

At Ikomia, we believe that reproducing and reusing CV & DL algorithms should be simple and fast.
To face this challenge, we are developing ergonomic tools facilitating the sharing and use of these algorithms.
Our solution offers a marketplace of Plug’n Play algorithms where anyone can publish or download algorithms that can be used directly on their own data. Quite simply.

The team

CEO and Co-Founder Ikomia

Guillaume has a PhD in "Applied Mathematics to Image Processing" and has 13 years of experience in Computer Vision research and engineering.
He takes care of the company's strategy and manages the business developement.

CTO and Co-Founder Ikomia

Ludovic has a master degree in "Informatics and Image Processing" and has 16 years of experience in software development and project management.
He leads technical developements and manages the scientific program.