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An open source software for Computer Vision and Deep Learning.


Our software for Computer Vision and Deep Learning is natively composed by Ikomia Studio (desktop app) and Ikomia Server. In a single click, publish your work or install algorithms from the community. Moreover algorithms in Ikomia are all ready to use on your own data!

Computer Vision sharing


Ikomia Studio offers natively most of the OpenCV algorithms. It includes a ready to use and comprehensive set of both classic and state-of-the-art computer vision and machine learning algorithms, in a powerful and user-friendly environment.

Analysis workflow

Ikomia Studio provides a built-in module to create custom analysis workflows. Then, thanks to an effective UI, you can design complex process through a graph-based workflow, without code.

Computer Vision code

Code integration

Ikomia Studio offers a built-in system to simply integrate external algorithms implemented in C++ or Python. In few simple steps, your method is added to the software process library and directly available for use.

Computer Vision code
Computer Vision Inputs

Input data

Our software for Computer Vision and Deep Learning manages a large range of image types:

  • 2D images in standard formats
  • 3D volumes (DICOM especially)
  • videos and times series
  • camera streams (webcam, IP camera)
Computer Vision Inputs