The collaborative platform in Computer Vision & Deep Learning

We are a startup based in La Rochelle created in 2019, we are supported by BPI France, Nouvelle-Aquitaine Open Source and La Rochelle University. We propose an innovative and collaborative marketplace in Computer Vision.

Our vision

La Computer Vision et le Deep Learning, et plus généralement l’intelligence artificielle, reposent aujourd’hui sur trois enjeux majeurs:



computing powers

At Ikomia, we are convinced that reusing algorithms in Computer Vision should be simpler and faster

To help this transition, we are developing ergonomic tools to facilitate their use and sharing.

Thus, we offer a collaborative marketplace of Plug’n Play algorithms where anyone can publish or download algorithms that can be used directly on their own data.

Why are you called upon today?

As part of the definition of our future developments, we are carrying out a survey to better understand your needs.

We are part of a collaborative approach and would like to take less than 5 minutes of your time to answer our survey.

As an actor in Computer Vision, your help is precious to us, but maybe by answering our questions, we can help you in the future! 

Ikomia SAS
17 rue Isaac Newton