The Monthly Algorithm Spotlight

What does it consist of ?

The concept is very simple, each month we will propose 3 algorithms to integrate into our marketplace, but only one will actually be integrated.
To help us, you will have the choice to vote for the algorithm you want to integrate into the platform.

At the end of each month, the name of the algorithm will be communicated to you.

Do you have an algorithm in mind ? Don’t hesitate to suggest it to us. 

What are the algorithms ?


Preprint 2021

This algorithm combines Transformers and UNet as a strong alternative for medical image segmentation.

TransUNet: Transformers Make Strong Encoders for Medical Image SegmentationJ. Chen, Y. Lu, Q. Yu, X. Luo, E. Adeli, Y. Wang, L. Lu, A-L. Yuille, Y Zhou. 


CVPR 2020

This algorithm proposes blind and non-blind super-resolution based on the DBPN approach.

Hamilton-Jacobi Skeleton

IPOL 2021

This algorithm computes the skeleton of binary images based on the gradient of the distance transform.

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