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Use visual AI to automate your tasks or create new products whatever your business field.

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Task automation

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Many jobs require manual data extraction from digital documents. This is particularly true of ID documents or invoices entered into dedicated management softwares.


Visual AI allows these tasks to be automated and helps the operator by automatically extracting the data of interest.

This work is conducted under the operator’s supervision. He can correct the system at any time if the output is incorrect.


Ikomia helps companies to extract data from digital documents in order to automate tasks that are often tedious and without added value.


The impact of the human being on the environment is a high topic and a significant issue for our society today and in the future. Many studies require measuring and monitoring populations over time in order to analyse the impact of our activity on the environment. For instance the monitoring of deforestation using satellite imagery or the evolution of particular living species.

At Ikomia, we do believe that visual AI can contribute to build a better world, that’s why we are actively working with the scientific community and some companies to automate a maximum number of complex tasks.

Added value creation


In view of the Winter Olympics in Paris in 2024, the French government has released considerable resources to improve the sports performances of French athletes.


Thanks to artificial intelligence, virtual reality and augmented reality, new perspectives are emerging to help coaches to better analyse and understand sports performance.

Ikomia helps startups for the creation of new and innovative products to help coaches and athletes.


Agricultural practices are undergoing a major change . Artificial intelligence paired with advances in robotics is providing many cutting-edge solutions to help farmers better control their farming businesses.


AI tools enable the development of precision agriculture, be it for decision support or predictive analysis.

With Ikomia, choose tailor-made counseling and tools that will help you create tomorrow’s solutions for agriculture/agribusiness.

Smart Cities

Today, cities are increasingly using artificial intelligence to reduce costs and optimize the use of public spaces. For example, AI can help you analyse the frequentation of a place for flow regulation or else detect energy-consuming buildings.

The applications are numerous : Ikomia asists you for any urban transformation project.

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